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Bridal Cottage Bride Hope

Bridal Cottage Bride Hope


In this blog, we are featuring our beautiful Bridal Cottage Bride Hope's wedding!  Simply stunning...

Photography: Kelsie Sneegas Photography
Venue: The Grandeur House
Dress: The Bridal Cottage
Bridesmaids Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu
Groom & Groomsmen Suits: Jos.A.Bank
Florals: A Perfect Bloom Florist & Wedding Rentals
Hair: Chasity Ringer & Jennifer JB Brown
Makeup: Lauren Benet
Cake: Diane Stringfellow Cook Ehlers
Dress Alterations/Customization: Audra Butler Ferrell

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5 Creative Bridesmaid Proposals

5 Creative Bridesmaid Proposals

creative ways to propose to your bridesmaids

5 Creative Bridesmaid Proposals


Through ups and downs, thick and thin … your squad of the ultimate wing-women has been with you through it all. Of course, you want them to stay by your side on your big day (and for years to come)! Let’s treat them to something special as we pop the question, shall we?

Wedding Survival Kit

wedding survival kitwedding survival kit

If you’re the “mom” of your friend group, we’re listing this first to ease your mind. Even though it’s your day, you’re already anticipating your bridesmaids’ every need during the wedding—from an emergency sewing kit to oil-blotting wipes, bobby pins and more—make sure they’re taken care of with this uber-handy wedding survival kit!

Custom Champagne Flutes

custom champagne flutes
Let’s face it—you hit the lotto with these girlfriends, which alone is a reason to celebrate. Party with your favorite gal pals using these personalized champagne flutes—to have and to hold, at brunch, now and forever.


tie the knot earings

If you’re a trend-savvy bride with practical-minded ‘maids, look no further than something with everyday use. Try simple jewelry they can wear with anything, and send it with a cute message to commemorate your special day with them. It’s the gift that will definitely keep on giving!

Earrings from Foxblossom.

Spa kit

custom champagne flutes
After a long day of pre-wedding hustle and bustle, let your ‘maids take the edge off with this luxurious gift set from White Confetti Box!Perfect for some extra beauty rest before the big day, or a post-bachelorette slumber party with your bride tribe.

Coordinating Bathrobes

creative ways to propose to your bridesmaids
Last, but definitely not least … we made it to your wedding morning! Aside from the dresses, these coordinating bathrobes are the ultimate wedding-day must-have for your bridal party. Getting ready with your girls is a memory you’ll cherish forever, and you’ll definitely want to document it with some Instagram-worthy squad pics … (okay, and maybe some of those champagne flutes, too).

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How to Get Southern Belle Sized Hair!

How to Get Southern Belle Sized Hair!



From Designer: Essense of Australia



How to Get Southern Belle Sized Hair!

“The higher the hair, the closer to God” is gospel truth in the South. Southern belles love them some big hair…it’s a rite of passage. Their Mimi and Mama set a blazing trail before them which could not be ignored. High fashion and it’s sometimes androgynous silhouettes has no place in the South. Southern belles are all woman…Perfectly polished and primped to within an inch of their life. Full, soft, voluminous bouncy hair is her calling card. After all…” what would Dolly do?’

Hairspray is their choice of weapon and makes no mistake these ladies are not afraid to use it! I mean when the Dry bar names one of their signature blowout styles “the Southern Comfort” Y’all know it’s major! Labeled Flirty and ultra girly, this style is a go-to hairstyle for many brides to be, who want to ramp up the glamour and tone down the basic. Dry bar even named a range of volume enhancing products “Southern Belle” which add volume and hold to your hair that would even make Dolly proud. So whether it’s for your big day or just a big night this hair is glam with a capital “G”.

How to get southern belle sized hair

So how do you get this soft, bouncy curly voluminous hair on your big day? These next 10 steps will have you singing “AMEN” in the church of “big hair don’t care!”

  1. Always start with super clean hair after washing with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner.
  2. Add a heat protectant and also Southern Belle mousse throughout and then brush throughout your hair to distribute product through hair evenly.
  3. Part your hair and rough dry it.
  4. Section the back and take approximately a one-inch section at the front and start drying.
  5. Blow-dry hair up and away from your face with a round brush.
  6. Hold the brush horizontally to add tension when blowing your hair up and away.
  7. Once one section is complete add a soft grip round roller and roll away from the face, make sure the tension is tight. Spritz with some hairspray to add hold. Repeat with every section.
  8. Take out rollers once the entire head has cooled down.
  9. Throw head over and spritz with more hairspray at the roots for extra lift and tousle while its upside down.
  10. Backcomb if you want extra oomph at the crown.
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How to Fix Your Biggest Bridal Beauty Emergencies!

How to Fix Your Biggest Bridal Beauty Emergencies!








We never think we will be the ones to make “THAT” call but your wedding day arrives and after all your planning and late nights, sometimes, somethings gotta give.. and it’s usually your face! Not to say it happens to every bride, but it does happen. Just like you prepare everything to go right on your big day, you also need to prepare for those unforeseen beauty emergencies that can send you sideways with shock and fear.

Here’s your 911 plan for those bothersome beauty emergencies that will become a tiny blip on the radar on your wedding day!


Could you not?! Talk about bad timing.. This is the dreaded “3RD EYE OR CYCLOPS” that turns up just when you prayed for clear, radiant skin. Skin shows your health. Your stress levels, your lack of sleep and your diet. If you drop the ball, when it comes to any of these close to your big day, it will show.


Make an appointment with your dermatologist to get a cortisone injection into the cyst. Sounds awful, however, in less than 12 hours you will be glad you did. This injection works for pimples and cold sores, so remember this one because it works! Ever seen an A-lister on the Red Carpet with a cold sore? You’re welcome! J An ice cube will help bring down inflammation and size also.


Lack of sleep due to last minute scheduling dramas or timing delays can mean you end up with less rest than you need around the time you need it most! Your skin can look flat, tired and dull on a day when radiance and luminosity are in order. To be honest, this trick can and should be used daily as a quick pick me up.


An Ice Water Facial is the fastest and most truly effective way to depuff your face and eyes and refresh your skin. It will shrink your facial pores (which helps with oil production control) and also help with your makeup application. Your skin will feel smooth, tight and glow with a radiance of a woman who has slept for 8hours uninterrupted!  Take two trays of ice and place them both in a very large bowl with cold water. Add cucumber slices if you wish. Dunk your face for 10-15 seconds for around 15-20 mins.  This can be a daily ritual for those who want to sculpt their face or alternatively run an ice cube all over your face for 2o mins, paying particular attention to your jawline, eyes, and forehead.


This puts the fear of GOD into any makeup wearing woman because at some stage in her beauty life… she has been there. Lipstick on teeth, mascara that has run, lipstick that has bled and concealer or foundation that has separated with heat. Of course, these should not happen to you with a professional makeup artist applying your makeup on your wedding day, but life happens and weather can get the best of us so it’s best to be prepared.


Always carry a few pointed q tips pre-dampened with Micellar Water and kept in a ziplock bag with a touch extra micellar. This is amazing for cleaning any mascara that has moved and run around the eyes and also any lip colour that has traveled due to kissing and smiling. I would also carry a beauty blender or sponge pre-moistened with Smashbox Primer Water. Carry this in a zip lock bag with a little extra primer in it. Squeeze to reduce any extra primer out of the sponge and dab and blend lightly over areas that your base has separated or maybe the area just looks too made up. This will bring back a flawless, radiant look to the skin.

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Naturally Boho Bridesmaids Dresses

Naturally Boho Bridesmaids Dresses


Sorella Vita is back with new bridesmaid dresses and they are better than ever! Refined and romantic, these bright and airy gowns have a natural boho aesthetic that is hard to beat. Featuring the on-trend style moments Sorella Vita is known for, there is no doubt brides and their bridesmaids will fall in love with these latest dresses.

Sorella Vita Boho bridesmaid dresses

Chiffon Bridesmaid Dresses

Made of in-demand chiffon and available in over 30 gorgeous colors, these bridesmaid dresses have classic silhouettes with trend-worthy elements added. Two of the new dresses have halter necklines—perfectly flattering on any frame, the necklines evoke a modern sensibility but with a boho flair. Pairing the column silhouette and sheath skirt makes these gowns universally flattering and exceptionally stylish.

chiffon bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses with Flutter Sleeves

Inspired by today’s modern bride, flutter sleeves are another addition Sorella Vita has made to evoke a sense of romance while remaining true to boho style. Capturing the easy-to-wear elements of ready-to-wear tops women are wearing today, Sorella Vita takes everyday style and makes it bridal. We just love how the necklines and sleeves come together naturally to create a boho style.

bridesmaid dresses with flutter sleeves

Off-the-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

If flutter sleeves aren’t your thing, Sorella Vita has also introduced a dress with off-the-shoulder straps. These draped straps have a very soft feeling that matches the refined romance of the other two styles, making all three ideal for a mix-and-match bridal party. Done in the same stunning chiffon fabric, Sorella Vita has carefully curated a collection made for mixing and matching while remaining cohesive and stylish. Even the most discerning bridesmaid will love these dresses!

Book your bridesmaids appointment today to try these beauties on!

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