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Something Blue!



We love traditions at The Bridal Cottage! We also love personalization. So, of course, the personalization of traditions is our favorite! What do we mean? Well, we’re glad that you asked! Everyone has heard the phrase, “Something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new, sixpence in your shoe”.

But how do you actually incorporate each of these ideas into your wedding to create a cohesive, unique moment?

Something Blue’ can be your something borrowed. It can be your something old and something new too (unfortunately only a sixpence can be a sixpence…) Choosing blue accents in your wedding creates a classic look and keeps with a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Something Borrowed: Borrow a blue garter! Remember, you’ll need two garters: One you keep and one that you throw.

Something Old: Dyeable shoes! Do you have a pair of shoes that you wore way back when (maybe to senior prom) that can be dyed a blue hue? Dyeable shoes are perfect for ‘Something Old’ and, even better, they’re most likely already broken in!

Something New: Your Bridesmaids dresses! Dressing your ladies in blue is the perfect way to incorporate blue! And, fortunately, blue usually looks good on everyone!

Make your blue your own! Don’t limit yourself on what your ‘Something Blue’ should be! As we like to say at The Bridal Cottage, there are no fashion fax paus when you’re the bride!

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Meet Bridal Cottage Consultant Melissa!


We LOVE our job! We also love being your local bridal store! We love getting to know our brides… and we want for you to know us too!

This month, we would like to introduce you to Bridal Cottage Manager and Consultant, Melissa!

Melissa has been working at The Bridal Cottage for 3-years and has gained a lot of bridal wisdom in her time here! We asked Melissa questions about her experiences at The Bridal Cottage and we would like to share them with you:

What inspired you to become a Bridal Cottage Consultant?

“I wanted to become a bridal consultant after watching Say Yes To The Dress.  Although I didn’t have any retail experience, I did have experience with fabrics and silhouettes.  I felt confident that I could help brides of every body type find a dress that makes them feel as beautiful as they are! I had to apply at The Bridal Cottage because I’m a North Little Rock native! And my best friend purchased her wedding dress here, which was absolutely perfect for her special day!”

How do you identify which dress belongs to which bride?

“At the beginning of each appointment I talk to my bride to get an idea of the vision that she has for her wedding. Those are the style of dresses that I start with.  Sometimes what she has envisioned for herself is exactly what she falls in love with, but that isn’t always the case. 

I believe that my job as a bridal consultant is to not only listen to the bride’s feedback on the dresses that she is trying on but also read her body language and facial expressions.  I can tell a lot about how a bride feels in a dress by the way she looks at herself in the mirror and how and where she touches the dress. 

I’m also a big fan of throwing in a ‘wild card’ or what I also call a ‘palate cleanser’.  For instance if a bride has only been trying on lace dresses I’ll put her in a dress that is a similar silhouette but completely different fabric.  Sometimes the bride is surprised at how much she likes the ‘wild card’ and sometimes she doesn’t like it at all.  And that is just as important. 

My goal is to find a dress that the bride connects with, falls in love with and can see herself getting married in!”

When do you know it’s the “one”?

“It’s a very special moment when a bride finds her dress.  Each bride is different when she says ‘YES!’ to her dress: some cry, some get super excited and some are very matter-of-fact.  I can see it in the way that she looks at herself in the mirror. 

In that moment, she can really see herself as a bride. It’s a special moment not only for the bride but also for her family and friends.  It’s a special moment for all of our consultants as well! It’s undeniable.”

What is your favorite thing about being a Bridal Cottage Consultant?

“Helping a bride from beginning to end!  I love getting to know her and her family. I always enjoy hearing brides’ proposal stories.  I love to laugh with brides and if they cry, I cry with them (I always say that The Bridal Cottage is like Truvy’s beauty shop in Steel Magnolia’s; no one here cries alone). 

But my job as a bridal consultant doesn’t stop there…I love helping with bridesmaids dresses, as well as tuxedos or suits.  We understand that there is a lot that goes in to planning a wedding and we want to help make outfitting your wedding party as stress free as possible.”  

Do you have any advice for future Bridal Cottage Brides?

“When it’s time to shop for your wedding dress, you must be ready to find it!  Shopping for a wedding dress is different than regular shopping and, as tempting as it may be, it’s very hard to ‘just try on’. If possible, you should shop for your dress approximately 10-12 months before your wedding. If not, that’s ok too! You will still have plenty of options available to you. 

Also, I always recommend that brides bring the people whose opinions matter most to their appointment to help in making the decision.  And most importantly, be ready to have fun and be ready to find your wedding dress!!”

We are so thankful that Melissa is a Bridal Cottage Consultant!! Melissa’s passion is inspiring to all of us here at The Bridal Cottage!! We hope that you’ve enjoyed getting to know her heart as much as we have!

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Don't be a fashion faux pas!


At The Bridal Cottage we always say that there are no fashion faux pas when you’re the bride… however, we do believe that there are fashion faux pas for your bridesmaids and accessories!

As a bride, you don’t want it to seem like your bridesmaids are competing with your dress. You want your ladies to compliment YOU! You also want to incorporate accessories that accent your vision well, completing your unique look! Our experienced Consultants have recommendations to go with your bridal gown:

The classic ballgown with full-sparkle bodice:

Pair your bridal gown with a large, elegant necklace and a fingertip-length veil with similar sparkle. Carry a bouquet of romantic red roses and wear allover crystal-adorned heels.

Your bridesmaids will look sleek in satin mermaid dresses with an illusion neckline in black. Consider using a black, white and red color combination. Other combinations that flatter a full-sparkle ballgown look are: royal, red and ivory or plum, navy and grey.

A chiffon sheath bridal gown:

Chiffon sheath bridal gowns are perfect (but not limited to) destination weddings! Keep in mind that your ladies will most likely be warm in long dresses, so we recommend short chiffon! The chiffon will compliment your bridal gown well!

Accent their bridesmaids dresses with a sash matching your bridal gown to create a cohesive look. Opt for no veil (you never know what the wind might do) and accent both your bridal gown and their bridesmaids dresses with large pearl necklaces instead. Bright, colorful flowers are the perfect touch to complete your look!

Tulle and lace slim a-line with a hint of color:

Tulle is such a soft fabric and accenting it with a hint of color, like our ivory and peony gown, this gown creates a dreamy feature, perfect for a bride that loves bohemian style.

Ivory or blush bridesmaids in long or short chiffon compliment this look well.

 Accent both with dyeable shoes with a small heel and complimenting lace accents and flowers in neutral tones. Hydrangeas in shades of green are perfect for this style!

A dramatic mermaid bridal gown:

Are you a glamorous bride? Add fun and flirty bow and sparkle kitten heels and a heavily beaded veil to your look to capture your flair for the dramatics.

Carry your flashiness into your bridesmaids by dressing them in gold dresses. A hi-low style can be the perfect opportunity for your bridesmaids to show off their sparkle shoes as well!

Incorporate flowers in rich, warm colors like bold daisies and alstroemeria. Using other color-combinations like fuchsia, mint and white or grape, silver and ivory cultivate this dramatic and glamourous look as well.

Full-lace with an illusion neckline:

Dressing your bridesmaids in full lace as well to match your dress is very pretty! Consider their dresses in a bright, bold color, like coral allover lace, especially if you plan to use more rustic tones in your wedding palette.

Your bridesmaids will stand out against the canvas that you have created for your wedding. Match yours and their shoes to carry on the complimenting style.

Brides, don’t feel limited to only these options! You may cultivate a whole new style that is perfect for you and your wedding! But if you need some guidance, give us a call!  We are happy to help!


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Winter Wedding Colors!

Winter Wedding Colors!


As the days become longer and we dive into summer, Bridal World (as we like to call it) welcomes WINTER!

Brides are planning for their fall and winter 2015 weddings. But winter just seems too far away… or too close, more likely! :)

When all of the flowers are in full bloom, it’s hard to imagine winter-rich colors and the many combinations sure to compliment your brumal nuptials! So, we’ve done the research for you! Winter-inspired color trends have been set and we are in love.

We’ve collected our favorite color combinations as a guide for our Bridal Cottage Brides:

Maroon, Navy and Gold

This Royal color-combination is rich in jewel tones for the modern bride. Bridal Cottage Consultants suggest dressing your bridesmaids in Navy long chiffon or dupioni.

Accenting your ladies dresses with Gold jewelry and Maroon flowers will create a polished look that is the perfect balance of classic sophistication and elegance.

Your groom and groomsmen will compliment your ladies well in Midnight or Slate Blue.

Most fun of all, incorporate shades of Gold in your bridal gown and accessories! Choosing a gown with a Gold underlay carriers the modern theme and cultivates a cohesive theme for you and your party.

Aubergine, Eggplant and Grey

Bold purples with softer shades of Grey are a sophisticated balance. Pairing an Eggplant sash with your White bridal gown creates a dramatic statement that is romantic and unique.

Dress your bridesmaids in shades of Purple or Grey ombre to carry the dramatic look into your bridal party.

Your groom and groomsmen will look just as impressive in light or dark Grey tuxes. Accent their satin lapels on their coats with varying Aubergine and Eggplant flowers.

Teal, Ivory and Ivy

We are in love with this romantic color combination! Soft shades of ivory accent darker teal tones when you choose blue-green bridesmaid dresses and light, airy flowers like carnations in white or ivory.

That romanticism carries throughout when you dress your groom and groomsmen in classic black tuxedos.

But don’t feel bound to ivory in your bridal gown! White, champagne or even blush will complement and enhance this color-scheme as well. Carry a full bridal bouquet of spring, garden roses to complete your look!

As we love to say at The Bridal Cottage, there are no fashion faux pas when you’re the bride! But if you’re looking for color-spiration, we recommend using these color combinations!

Remember, make it your own! You can’t go wrong either way. Choose the colors that make you (almost) as happy as your groom!


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Say YES to the Tux!


You’ve said ‘Yes’ to your dress and your ladies’ dresses, now it’s time to say ‘Yes’ to your groom and groomsmen’s tux (or suit)! But where do you start? Some grooms are more than happy to let their bride select their attire, oftentimes leaving the bride with more decisions to process. And some grooms are very particular in their vision for their big day and have trouble finding their perfect look. Then there’s the question of traditional tux attire or having a more relaxed look…

#bridalcottagebride Katy

Date and venue location can help to determine which style might be best for your wedding, but as we say at The Bridal Cottage, there are no fashion faux pas when you’re the bride! Don’t limit yourself to a full, black tux because you’re getting married in an ornate, historic chapel or rolled up sleeves and suspenders because you’re having a destination wedding. What is your guy going to look (and feel) best in on his special day? What is the current trend?

#bridalcottagebride Lori

Slim-fit sizing has become more popular due to its tailored look. Even if the men that you’re outfitting are not considered “slim-fit,” this silhouette offers slimmer lapels and shorter-length jackets, coupled with flat-front pants, highlighting the areas in any man that make him look longer and more lean! Bowties have also been a more popular option for grooms and groomsmen, with preference in stripes and patterns as opposed to solid colors.

And speaking in terms of colors, black is always number one in formal wear, but shades of grey and blue have emerged for 2015. At The Bridal Cottage, some of our favorite color combinations for gentlemen are charcoal grey with eggplant (a perfect match for those eggplant bridesmaids’ dresses) and slate blue with champagne, which compliments a light gold or ivory bridal gown nicely!

As a Paul Morrell retailer, we are excited to announce the availability of a new variety of slim-fit tux and suit rentals! And, if a bride purchases her bridal gown from The Bridal Cottage, her groom receives a Gift Certificate for $50 off of his tux or suit rental. Ask your experienced bridal consultant which tux or suit best captures your vision for your special day. Keep an open mind! Remember, there are NO fashion faux pas when you say yes!

#bridalcottagebride Erica


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