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The Bridal Cottage is celebrating 37 years in business!

The Bridal Cottage is celebrating 37 years in business!


The Bridal Cottage is celebrating 37 years in business

and still going strong


[NLR, Arkansas] - Passers-by on JFK Blvd. may have noticed something a bit different about The Bridal Cottage in the last week. The doors have been covered with paper, and workers have been coming and going late into the evening.

After 37 years of serving brides, the owners of The Bridal Cottage are giving the store a facelift. The small locally owned boutique has prided themselves on top-level customer service and making each bride feel special since 1979, and now the store’s interior will enhance the bridal experience.

“The Bridal Cottage is a staple here in Park Hill so moving was not an option for us,” said Lindy Lanford, co-owner of The Bridal Cottage. “There is so much love that has been celebrated with brides and their families inside the store over so many years, Erin and I decided it was time to give some love to the interior of the building.  It deserves it!”

With assistance from Williams & Dean Architecture and Interior Design in Little Rock, the new décor symbolizes the ‘Cottage’ name; from re-designed dressing rooms and display cases, to more comfortable and private appointment areas.

“2017 is going to be a very special year here in North Little Rock. As the historic Park Hill District celebrates its 95th anniversary, Erin and I are also celebrating our five years of ownership!” said Lanford. “It’s truly an honor to be part of such an incredible business community here in Park Hill and to be able to continue the tradition of making brides’ dreams come true each and every day.”

In conjunction with the renovations, The Bridal Cottage will be adding a new designer to their collection of international bridal designers.  Badgley Mischka Bride gowns will make its debut in February and will be exclusive to The Bridal Cottage in the state of Arkansas. 

“We are very excited about partnering with Badgley Mischka Bride. The line is just stunning and will be a wonderful addition to our already beautiful collection of designers,” says Lanford. “We just want to remind all brides, they don’t have to travel to find world famous bridal designers, we have them right here in NLR. So shop local!”

The Bridal Cottage also carries bridal designers Maggie Sottero, Sottero & Midgley, Rebecca Ingram, Stella York, and Essense of Australia.

For nearly four decades, brides from all over Arkansas (and beyond) have continued to choose The Bridal Cottage for all their wedding needs, from gowns and accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids to outfitting the groom’s party, even gown preservation after the wedding.

The Bridal Cottage will re-open to the public on Tuesday, December 20th at 10 a.m.

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Tips on finding your dress online!

Tips on finding your dress online!


It’s crunch time and you’re on a budget! Where to turn? Online, of course!

In search of the perfect dress, you find a deal too good to be true. Unfortunately, it probably is. The internet can be your best friend or your worst nightmare when it comes to dress shopping. While there are a few online retailers and boutiques that will give you what is promised, a lot of counterfeit websites exist just to take your money.

Take a look at these gowns from Knock off Nightmares!


Honestly, we could discuss everything wrong with the dresess sent to the customer, but at the end of the day, scammers gonna scam. When ladies receive dresses like this, most of the time they cannot return it and, unfortunately, most of these counterfeit dresses are beyond repair. They’re stuck with an ugly dress, down $500, and still without something to wear.

Don’t find yourself in this situation! If you must shop online, find a reputable bridal boutique, online or in person. Here’s our recommendation: Shop Bridal Cottage!

Shop Bridal Cottage is an extension of us, The Bridal Cottage, so you know you’re going to get great customer service and the exact gown you have ordered.

Shop Bridal Cottage is a place where you can see and purchase our ON SALE peices!  Let’s take a look at samples from designers websites compared to the gowns featured on!

The Dave and Johnny gown from the designers website is shown on the right and on the left is the gown promised when you purchase from Shop Bridal Cottage. It is the exact same gown as featured on the website because The Bridal Cottage is an authorized retailer for Dave and Johnny!

Let’s take a look at a gown that retails for around $1200!!

The gown featured is Felisha by designer Maggie Sottero. The image on the left if from the designers’ website and the gown to the right is the gown you will receive from Shop Bridal Cottage. At Shop Bridal Cottage, you’re going to get the real deal at a great price, coming in at $599!

And we are in love with this beautiful gown from Maggie Sottero--introducing Odette!  Again, see the originall Maggie picture and then our gown that was originally $2351, now $1915!

So we would love for you to head over to to browse their dresses and discover the amazing deals. Pssst, use the code SBC10 to get 10% off of your entire order!

Buying online can be a nightmare, but it doesn’t have to be. Be cautious and remember, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is!

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Some Fun Fall 2016 Trends!

Some Fun Fall 2016 Trends!



As the days grow longer and the temperature rises, the bridal world is preparing for Fall weddings. This means new dresses in new colors and styles!

Let’s take a look at what is trending for Fall 2016 weddings!


Rose gold is quickly becoming a popular color among fall wedding palettes. You will spot tablecloths, candleholders, and even bridesmaids dresses as soon as the leaves start to fall (and maybe before!) To quote Harriette Rose Katz, “they can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal or even very natural.”


Long tables!

Large round tables can make a reception space feel empty. To combat this, brides are moving away from round tables and towards long rectangular tables or a mix of rectangular and square tables. This is going to give guests a more intimate vibe. Maybe it’s the difference in a short reception and a all-night-long celebration!




Delicate Lace!

Lace has been a huge trend in all aspects wedding for some time now, but come Fall 2016, we will be seeing a lot of delicate lace.  One of our favorite designers showcases this trend beautifully. Maggie Sottero gowns Raeleigh and Jovi have the soft lace that will give you a whimsical, romantic feel!


As with any other wedding trends and advice, take these and make them your own! What are your colors and themes for your Fall 2016 wedding? Let us know in the comments!

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Bridal Consultant Spotlight: Abby!


Bridal Cottage Consultant Spotlight!

Abby has been with The Bridal Cottage Family for almost a year now…and we just love her on our team!  She has worked with many brides and have helped them find their dream dress.  Here is what she has to say about being a Bridal Cottage Consultant!

What inspired you to become a Bridal Cottage Consultant?

One of my favorite things is promoting confidence in women; I wanted to work somewhere where I had the opportunity to do that every day! Being a Bridal Cottage Consultant is the perfect way for me to do that! I love that we enjoy making brides feel beautiful; it makes everyone’s experience even better!

How do you identify which dress belongs to which bride?

One thing that really helps me as a consultant is to ask the bride about the one thing that her dress must have. Is there something that will make or break her decision to say “Yes!” to a dress?  It is not uncommon for brides to have an image of themselves on their wedding day, so finding the one key element that they cannot live without lets me know what to put them in.

From there, I like to pull similar dresses. Sometimes a bride will get a little frustrated if there is something that is “missing”. That’s when I like to pull something totally opposite of what she thought that she wanted. Or I’ll pull a dress that I know will look beautiful on her. It can be helpful to try a different perspective and “cleanse the palate”. Sometimes a bride will like the wild card that I pull and sometimes they don’t. Regardless, it can be beneficial to try on something that you never thought you would. I may be a little bias, but no matter which dress that you say ‘Yes’ to at The Bridal Cottage, you can’t go wrong!

When do you know it’s the “one”?

99.9% of the time, a bride’s face will say it all! As a consultant, it is very important to be able to recognize how a bride sees herself in the dress that she really loves. If she likes how she looks in a particular dress, we’ll try on a veil with it! Having the complete look can help a bride in her decision to say ‘Yes’ to a dress!

What is your favorite thing about being a Bridal Cottage Consultant?

My absolute favorite thing is getting to help so many wonderful people! I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing individuals while working at The Bridal Cottage. Plus my co-workers are the best group of women on earth! We are truly like family and we always have a great time. It is very rare to have a group that works well together and then goes out to dinner after work to hang out! I love that!

Do you have any advice for future Bridal Cottage Brides?

Some of the best advice I could give a future Bridal Cottage Bride would be to not start looking at dresses until you are ready to find your dress. Here we say there is no such thing as “just looking” because shopping for your wedding dress is much different than any other purchase that you will ever make.

I would also tell future brides to be very selective about whom they choose to bring to their appointment. Sometimes when you have too many opinions or critics it can make the bride anxious or doubt her feelings about a dress. This is your special day!

Another thing that I think brides should keep in mind is that if she has found the dress that feels right to her, there is no need to keep trying on just to ‘make sure’ that it is their dress; when you know, you know! With that being said, it is also okay if you do not cry when you say ‘Yes’ to your dress. We all show emotions differently and some people do not cry when they find the one and that is perfectly fine! It is also okay if your dress is something completely different than what you thought you wanted, as long as you feel beautiful in it.

Last but not least, choose the dress that YOU love! This is your special day!”

We love our job! We love helping brides! And we love having Abby as part of our team. Abby’s passion for helping brides is inspiring to all of us and we are so grateful to have her as a Bridal Cottage Consultant!


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Savvy Trunk Show Shopping!


Trunk Show…  Have you heard about Trunk Shows? What does that mean? Do you want to be involved? There are so many mysteries surrounding the “Bridal World,” with Trunk Shows being one of them. How can you know that you want to take part in a Trunk Show?

Before you start, ask yourself the following questions: Do I like having a plethora of bridal options? Am I interested in seeing exclusive bridal designs? Do I want to receive discounts on my bridal and accessory orders? Would I like free gifts while supplies last?

If you said, ‘Yes!’ to one or more of those questions, then taking part in a local Trunk Show is for YOU!

A Trunk Show is a chance for a local bridal store, such as yours truly, to feature an entire collection from a prominent, world-wide known designer! This gives bridal stores the opportunity to showcase bridal gowns that would not normally be in store. This gives you, the bride, the chance to try on dresses that may be more rare in your area! This is great for a bride that wants to see every different style and design offered from the featured designer!

A Trunk Show also offers specific promotions. For example, you could receive 10% off of a specialty order from the featured designer, or receive up $150 toward an accessory, or BOTH! For our Maggie Sottero Trunk Show this Friday and Saturday, we are offering 10% off of all specialty orders for designer Maggie Sottero, $150 toward an accessory, AND a free Maggie Sottero tote bag. We will also have mimosas and yummy treats from Sweet Love! While supplies last.

Trunk Shows for specific designers usually only happen once a year, so don’t miss our annual Maggie Sottero Trunk Show! Say, ‘Yes!!’ to your dress this weekend and become a savvy shopper and a Bridal Cottage Bride!!

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